School Counselor

Dear PS 20 Family,  


Missing you all and hoping you and your families are healthy and well. We are going through some tough times like we have never seen before- no one is being spared, we are all in this together- we all have our fears and anxieties of the unknown here-  our children are now learning a new way to learn, as we all are too- you have my support as we navigate through this together-  


This is one of the best letters of advice have seen- parents, you can read this to your children, as we are going though some troubling times, with some life lessons to be learned-  


“Dear Students, 


I love you, I miss you, now it’s time to step up. 


Throughout history, generations before yours have had to step up to challenging situations before they should have.  Today is no different, and you are being tasked with stepping up.   


Your role in this is to do everything you can to take care of yourself and those in your home. I expect you to attend your virtual classes starting Monday and complete your assignments. I expect that you model  integrity by doing your own work. I expect that you do not abuse the online privileges. I expect that you check your email, check google classroom/calendar, study the schedule, and read the emails from your teachers. In summary, I expect you to step up.   


Don’t ask your parents to figure it all out for you; you do it. Step up. Learn to do laundry, make your own breakfast and lunch, walk the dog, help a younger sibling with their work, vacuum something, call your grandparents, clean a bathroom. Show the empathy you have for the wonderful people raising you.  They have a lot on their plate and you can take care of your own plate for a few weeks. Step up. 


I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t believe in you; I do. You’ve got this,Now is your time.  


I love you, I miss you, now step up. » 


These are great words we can follow- 


I miss seeing all of your faces- we are all in this together- and I am always here for you all-  


I will continuously  be posting info, tips, activities and resources for you and your children here so stay tuned- 


Just stay safe, , be healthy and be well-  


Ms. Littman 

PS 20 School Counselor 

718-359-0321 extension 1341